A Guide to choosing a wedding photographer

Jan 08, 2014
Uniquecapture Wedding Photography

A Guide to choosing the best wedding photographer

Chris King CEO Uniquecapture

Chris King CEO Uniquecapture

Who better to offer a guide to choosing the right wedding photographer, that a wedding photographer with over 10 years experience?

As a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes, Chris King has attended a lot of weddings over the last decade. Some are extravagant and flamboyant affairs while others are more elegantly understated. Although each wedding is unique, they do tend to have something in common. At every celebration there is a photographer, snapping away to capturing the moments that the happy couple hope to treasure forever.

Planning a wedding is an enormous task, and often preparations can be years in the making, and so imagine how heartbreaking it would be if after all that effort, you to return home from your honeymoon to find that your wedding photos, your visual record of the day, did not meet your expectations.

Fortunately we don’t hear of this happening very often, but it is a nightmare scenario that face some newly weds and so here Chris’ offer his guide for all soon to be married couples planning a wedding, to help ensure that it’s not occurrence that happens to them.

Book your photographer early

The best wedding services are often booked up for years in advance and so in an ideal world I recommend that you make contact with a selection of photographers as early as possible. This will give you the chance to take time to make a considered choice and even get a better rate, as often wedding photographers’ special offers and discounts will be available for very early bookings.

Top wedding photography by Uniquecapture in Milton Keynes

Meet Your Wedding Photographer In Person

Wedding photography service can be quite a large purchase and take up a fair portion of your overall budget, so I strongly recommend that you meet with your photographer in person.

Communication is all important and that’s best done face to face. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer the style and type of photos that you want. Let them know you chosen colour scheme and if you haven’t chosen one yet be sure to let them know when you have done so they can be thinking ahead of time about the types of shots that will work well.

Be clear about your expectations.

Often when a photographer fails to deliver images that impresses their clients, problem can be traced back to initial communication. It’s important to remember that photographers are not mind readers. Nor should you assume that every photographer is comfortable or adept at taking all different styles of shots. Ask to see the photographer’s wedding portfolio and point out to them the shots that you like but also the one that don’t work for you.  The more information you give the better the photographers understanding will be.  A good wedding photographer will plan ahead and prepare a shoot schedule based on the information that you supply.

Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer

Milton Keynes wedding Photographer

Choose An Accredited Photographer

SWPPBy choosing an Accredited wedding photographer, one that’s affiliated with a recognised association goes some way to ensuring a basic level of competence. Uniquecapture a members of the SWPP (That’s the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) but there are other so do a little research online before hand.

What can you do if you’re not happy with your wedding pictures.

Citizens AdviceWell obviously you can hardly re-stage the whole event and get married all over again just because your wedding photos are not what you wanted. The first thing you should do is to talk to your photographer, be honest with them and explain that you’re not happy. See what they have to say. Most photographers are good people who try and provide a good service. They’ll probably be as disappointed as you are that you’re not happy, so In situations like this it may be that they have some ideas how to make good on your expectations. Try to resolve the situation amicably and come to a agreement with them. If after doing this you’re still unsatisfied or you feel that the service has been mis-sold you can seek advice from Citizens Advice

After Wedding Re-shoots

One option that is open to you is to add to your wedding album either by having some more shots taken at a studio photoshoot or even on location. It may not be ideal but “Happy Couple” shots can be recreated fairly easily and if you speak with your wedding venue, it may even be possible to re-shoot in the original location.

On a handful of occasions we’ve been approach by people who have not been satisfied with their original wedding photographer and have undertaken a resuce reshoot. We’ve found that if you approach the day in the right frame of mind the experience can be actually be quite fun and you eventually end up with the shots that you want.

This is important, because as one of our clients put it, “In decades to come, when the cake is stale and the dress no longer fits, The wedding photos along with the rings, are supposed to be the timeless and lasting memory of the happiest day of our lives.

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